Where to Find All 7 Pieces of Dribbles the Clown in 'Baldur's Gate 3' (2024)

Baldur’s Gate 3 has no shortage of ridiculous twists and situations for players, truly in the spirit of . However, no single quest manages to be as over-the-top and downright cryptic as Dribbles the Clown, which has you setting off across the city in search of an array of severed body parts.

It’s a lengthy sidequest that doesn’t give you much direction, so if you don’t want to spend hours wandering, we’ll help you put together all the pieces of Dribbles in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to Find Dribbles the Clown in Baldur’s Gate 3

While you can start picking up Dribbles’ body parts at any time, you’ll need to pick up the quest proper at the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington. You can reach this area as soon as you make it to Baldur’s Gate in Act 3. The circus is found on the west side of Rivington, on the same street as the gate to the Lower City. In order to get in, you’ll have to persuade the guard at the gate, and his ghoul, or simply pay 200 Gold.

After that head to the stage in the back and you’ll see Dribbles performing, only to learn that a shapeshifter has taken the clown’s place. After taking out the clown and his cronies, and scarring some children in the process, you can talk to the circus’ ringleader, Lucretious, and officially start the quest to track down the real Dribbles — or what’s left of him.

How to Find All of Dribbles’ Body Parts in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are seven different parts of Dribbles to collect, and the first two can be found in Rivington. The others will require you to get past the first guard, and then into the Lower City.

This quest also runs alongside the “Investigate the Murders” quest,” which can be started by traveling to the Open Hand Temple next to the circus. We’d recommend completing both at roughly the same time, to make things easier.

Clown’s Severed Hand

The first part is actually exceedingly easy to find, as it’s in the circus itself. Head to the opposite side of the circus grounds and find Popper’s stall, the weird little Kobold with a hat. The hand is simply laying on the table nearby, but you’ll need to use some kind of skill check, like Persuasion or Deception, in order to convince Popper to let you have it.

Clown’s Severed Torso

Dribbles’ torso can be found directly under the Open Hand Temple, as part of the investigation quest. Head into the temple and go to the kitchen, then find a hatch into the cellar with blood smeared all over it.

Now in the cellar, head North past the ritual room into a small room with some cabinets. If you look behind the cabinets there’s a hole in the wall you can jump through. Complete a few jumps and follow the path until you reach a wide open room, with a pit filled with bodies. You’ll need to defeat a few doppelgangers, but afterward, check the bodies to find the torso.

Clown’s Severed Pelvis

Dribbles’ pelvis is the first part you’ll find in the Lower City, so head to the very first waypoint in the area, Basilisk Gate. When looking at the waypoint you’ll see a small alley to the left side, so head straight down it until you hit a locked blue door. Lockpick it open and inside you’ll find a body holding the pelvis.

Clown’s Severed Arm

On the East side of the Sorcerous Sundries (outside of the building) you can find a small house with a board covering the door. Break the door and head inside, then move the chest sitting against the wall to find a hidden hatch. Lockpick it open and head down into the cellar, where you’ll find a single body with Dribbles’ arm.

Clown’s Severed Leg

Travel to the Lower City Central Wall waypoint then head directly West to find Lavernica’s House (X:-77, Y: -68). Inside you’ll see yet another grisly murder scene, and yet another hatch to go down. Grab the key from the cupboard in the corner of the room to unlock it.

Head down to the cellar and you’ll see a body sitting in the middle of a ritual circle. Search it to find the clown’s leg.

Clown’s Severed Foot

Dribbles’ foot is nearby the leg location, on the lower level inside of Rainforest’s Home (X: -92, Y: -119), which you’ll find next to the store Beehive General Goods. You can unlock the main door if there are no guards nearby, or use a skill like Misty Step to get to the second floor and unlock that door.

Either way, on the first floor of the home you’ll find — you guessed it — another hatch to travel down, and another body to find. Just be careful as this time, the cellar has a few traps you can activate.

Clown’s Severed Head

Dribbles’ head is the hardest piece to find, mostly because it’s in an area you typically wouldn’t visit until later in the main quest. However, if you want to knock the Dribbles’ quest out early, you can reach it.

Your first step is to find the manhole just to the Southwest of Bloomridge Park, down an alley (which you can see in the image above). Head down the manhole then follow the path North until you reach a room with a waypoint and two hanging bodies.

If you haven’t encountered Orin the Red in your camp yet, you’ll have a scene play here. After that, shoot one of the bodies with an arrow to have blood fill the circle, and open the door to the right.

Head through and then walk over the fallen pillar, across the chasm. Open the metal door ahead and watch the scene, then search the body of Wilting Alex to find your final piece, Dribble’s Head.

Now you can head back to Lucretious and finally turn in this arduous quest, and put that poor clown to rest.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available on PC, and launches on September 6 for PS5.

Where to Find All 7 Pieces of Dribbles the Clown in 'Baldur's Gate 3' (2024)
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