Merging canon with fanon: Simon Fitzgerald/William Afton. | Fandom (2024)

Preface: This is what I have so far, there will be things that diverge from both main canon and Popgoes canon. This is just my interpretation, If you disagree with some of these things like Glitchtrap being a digital clone of Afton, remember this isn't canon, I'm not saying it should be canon, this is how I would do it. Don’t debate on who or what Glitchtrap and Burntrap are, don't tell me Mimic was made in the 80's, this isn't the place for it. FAN REINTERPRETATION! Got it? Good!

Name: Simon Fitzgerald

Aliases: William Afton, David Miller, Steve Raglan, Purple Guy, Springtrap, Scraptrap, Glitchtrap, Malhare, Burntrap.

Age: 70 {post mortem}

Species: Human {formerly}, zombie/animatronic{formerly}, computer virus{currently}

Gender: Male

Hair color: Brown {formerly}, bright yellow{as Glitchtrap}

Eye color: Brown {formerly} Silver{as Springtrap and Scraptrap}, Purple{as Glitchtrap and Burntrap}

Family: Unnamed parents, unnamed Wife, Jeremy Fitzgerald/Fritz Glade {brother}, Bonnie Glade {niece}, unnamed sister-in-law, Michael Afton {son}, Elisabeth Afton {daughter}, Evan Afton {son} {all deceased}


Simon is the elder brother of Jeremy Fitzgerald, he was born in November 1954. He and Jeremy grew up together but had vastly different interests. When Simon entered his late teen years, he developed an obsession to give himself eternal life. In his college years, he met Henry Emily, whom introduced Simon to the fields of robotics and computer programming. This would spark his interest, leading him to temporarily abandon his obsession with eternal life in favor of this new passion. He demonstrated a genius level intellect, a talent for robotics, and a friendly rivalry with his friend. In 1975, after seeing the animatronics from Candy’s Burgers and Fries, he and Henry would start building and programming their own animatronics in Henry’s garage.

They showed their prototypes to Rowboatics Corp, the parent company of Candy’s later that year. However the company rejected their proposal for a new sister location starting their characters “Fredbear” and “Spring Bonnie”. Undeterred, Simon and Henry would continue to refine their designs, opening a rival restaurant the next year. In 1976, Fredbear’s Family Diner opened its doors to the Hurricane Utah public. It was also in this year Simon would legally change his name, believing that Simon Fitzgerald was not a name that would draw attention. He would rename himself William Afton, seeing his new name as something with a larger than life connotation.

Simon, now William Afton, handled the financial side of the business while Henry acted as public relations. Although business was good, the expenses along with the disconnect between the wearable mascot suits and the Animatronics badly influencing the dining experience began to hurt the fledgling company. However, William would come into possession of two discarded Wirelock Suits from The “Rat and Cat Theater”. Although Henry was apprehensive, William was able to convince him to study the suits. Their research lead them to creating their own, greatly improved versions using springs instead of wires. They dubbed this new suit type the “Springlock Suits”.

Afton, very proud of their creations, would wear the Spring Bonnie suit to preform along side Henry in the “Spring Fredbear/Spring Freddy” suit. In late 1976, both William and Henry would marry their college sweethearts, and each would have children. Henry had a set of twins, Charlotte and Sammy, while William would have 3 children of different ages. Michael, his eldest son, Elizabeth, the middle child and his youngest, Evan. Their business also saw great expansion, with a “Fredbear and Friends” cartoon, and a new Sister Location starting these new friends: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Along with Freddy, a brown version of Fredbear, and Bonnie, a lavender version of Spring Bonnie, two new characters would be introduced; Chica the Chicken and Foxy the Pirate Fox. This also sparked the official formation of Fazbear Entertainment Inc. with Henry and Afton in charge.

Unfortunately, tragedy would strike. In 1983, at Evan’s birthday party, Michael and his friends would shove the poor crying child into Fredbear’s face. This prank, intended to just scare the youngest Afton quickly went wrong as the large, yellow bear would crush Evan’s skull. The boy would die from his injuries days later. This tragedy would reawaken Afton’s desire for immortality, but not only for himself but now for his family. Furthermore, an incident with multiple and simultaneous springlock failures caused the company to retire the specialized suits. Henry, following the death of Evan and the employees began to withdraw into his work. Afton, feeling that Henry wasn’t there for him and his wife, began to blame him for Evan’s death.

This would culminate in the murder of Charlotte by Afton while he was drunk, one rainy day, outside of Freddy’s, in early 1984. Once he was sober, he realized what he had done and the guilt made him snap completely. The death of Charlotte, combined with the accusations that Henry was involved in her death, caused him, his wife and remaining son to leave. This absence would give Afton full control over the company. Afton had also observed strange behaviors in the Fredbear and Puppet animatronics, as well as heard rumors of strange behavior in the animatronics of their rivals. Shaving his head and beard, he took on the alias of David Miller to investigate. After determining at least 4 of the Animatronics used by their competitors were haunted, Afton would begin testing how to replicate the process reliable.

Noting how all the subjects were killed around the Animatronics, Afton decided that he would select the children he considered the “worst” of any group, use his Spring Bonnie suit to lure them into the back room and murder them. One of which, Cassidy would be placed inside a Fredbear suit. This however was the same suit his son was possessing, but unable to manipulate effectively. Afton would take great pleasure in these murders, as Henry was out of his reach, he would imagine that they were Henry. Allowing William to metaphorically kill Henry repeatedly. The Puppet, now possessed by Charlotte, seeing her murderer strike again, did her best to save the children by placing them into the remaining animatronics. Afton would observe the 5 animatronics “come to life” and determine that not only could he resurrect his son, but make himself and his family immortal. However, this little “experiment”, later known as “The Missing Children Incident” caused Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza to close.

Undeterred, Afton would turn to what he knew best: Robotics. In 1985 Afton would establish Afton Robotics, the Sister Company to Fazbear Entertainment. Using his considerable capital as well as his genius level intellect, and experience in designing and developing animatronics, would create his most advanced Animatronics yet. Dubbed the “Funtime Animatronics” these latest advancements possess more advanced AI, more organic movement and featured small spaces in their bodies that split parts of their suits into plates, allowing them to swivel open for easier maintenance. Created and designed by Afton Robotics, LLC for Fazbear Entertainment, each Funtime Animatronic had a role in the capturing and subsequently murdering of children.

It was for this reason Afton forbid his daughter, Elisabeth to see the Circus Baby Animatronic up close. Although made with her in mind, Circus Baby was not equipped with an exclusion program yet. However, one day Elisabeth managed to sneak away to see Circus Baby in private. Seeing the young girl alone, it lured her closer with ice cream, before ensnaring her with its capture arm. Due to a malfunction in her programming, Circus Baby unintentionally killed Elizabeth, causing her spirit to possess Circus Baby.

William was crushed by the death of his daughter, canceled the Grand Opening of Circus Baby’s Pizza World and instead opened a rental service using the Funtime Animatronics. To keep them in line, he had technicians shock the animatronics except for Circus Baby. Teaching Elisabeth to pretend to be shocked with electricity when the lights flickered. He would visit Elizabeth frequently, making sure she and her “friends” received proper maintenance and didn’t attempt to escape.

Afton however, would try again with the Grand Opening of a new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location in November of 1987, with the new, “kid friendly” Toy Animatronics. Posing as an employee under the name “Steve Raglan” he completed the first night shift at Freddy’s, as well as murdered 5 more children, despite the best efforts of Withered Freddy and The Puppet. Charlotte, not wanting Freddy’s to close before she could stop Afton and give the children peace, hid these 5 new victims inside the new animatronics. The most trusted staff members under Afton’s orders removed the bodies, have them drained of their blood, burned them and cleaned the animatronics. However, to his delight, the children William had killed still possessed the new animatronics. He would then begin extracting Remnant and Agony from the 10 animatronics and the blood of his 5 most recent victims.

A few weeks later, William’s brother, Jeremy came over from England, and was in need of employment. Afton instantly hired his brother, who he would teach about robotics and computer programming during the day. At night, Jeremy would work the night shift at Freddy’s. The animatronics, seeing him, believed it was Afton, as they looked similar. After spending 6 nights, Jeremy was informed that Freddy’s would be closing temporarily due to an ongoing investigation. He would be moved to the day shift for a Birthday party, the last one at that location. During the day, Toy Bonnie bite Jeremy’s frontal lobe. This caused Afton to panic. Desperate to save his brother, he infused the blood he had gathered with a large amount of remnant, gained from dismantling the Toy Animatronics.

Jeremy survived the injury thanks to the experimental treatment and a massive Remnant infused blood donation from his brother, although he did not know it was from him at the time. The bite also caused a huge stir in media, becoming known as “The Bite of ’87”. To escape the controversy of the incident, Jeremy to move back to the United Kingdom, and change his name to “Fritz Glade”. Afton, now alone with only one child left, would obsess over keeping Michael safe and in the dark about his…. Unethical experiments. When not toiling over his research, he was watching Michael like a hawk. He would also deflect any and all questions about what had happened at Fredbear’s and Freddy’s, assuring him that everything was fine.

Determined to find out the truth, Michael, using the last name of his friend, Mary, took a night shift job at the smaller, reopened Freddy’s in 1993 under the alias of “Mike Schmidt”. That same year, Afton would buy out The Rowboatics Corporation for penny’s on the dollar due to the company’s bankruptcy. He would merge the company with Afton Robotics, now owning the full rights to the company and the Candy’s Burgers and Fries characters. He would soon begin extracting Remnant from the animatronics at the now abandoned Rowboatics Corp Factory. Unexpectedly however, the business was still in decline purely based on its reputation.

After Mike completed his week as a night guard, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza would close for the third time by the end of the year. Mike would then confront his father with the evidence he had gathered, including communicating with the spirits inside Fredbear. His brother, Evan and a girl named Cassidy, whom Afton had shoved into the suit, killing her almost a decade prior. At last, Afton relented, telling Michael about the underground rental facility. He asked Michael to help Elizabeth and “fix” his sister by “putting her back together”. This would be the last time Afton would see his son for decades.

Afton would return to the old Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria to dismantle the remaining animatronics and draw as much remnant from them as possible. However, in doing this, he inadvertently freed the spirits of his victims. Confronted by the sins of his past, Afton did the only thing he could think of: Hide in his Springlock Suit. Unfortunately for him, it had been raining that night, and the suit itself was in disrepair. The springlocks came undone, crushing and impaling him within the suit.

He would be found by Fazbear executives who sealed the still alive Afton in the safe room, behind a hastily constructed wall. There Afton died, but didn’t leave. His soul came to possess his corpse as well as the suit, he would be trapped there for 30 years. This time in isolation drove Afton further into insanity, trapped with his own thoughts, unable to escape. He would scream for his son Michael, Jeremy or even Henry to help him. No one heard his futile pleas, no one came to help the man behind the slaughter.

30 years later, he would be discovered by a small company looking to cash in on the legends around Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. They took him to Fazbear’s Fright, a horror attraction based on the events that had transpired at Freddy’s so long ago. It was here he would kill Phone Dude and meet Michael again. Although neither recognized the other at first. By the time Afton realized the night guard was his son, Michael had set the entire building on fire. Convinced that Henry had turned Michael against him, Afton vowed to get revenge on Henry for taking everything from him. Blaming his former friend for every ill that had ever befallen him. He would “fix” Michael. Make him “see the truth”, his own warped sense of the truth (IE: brainwash Michael into obeying him again, and putting him in a suit.)

After repairing himself as best he could and replacing parts of his suit, Afton would make his way to a surprising place: A new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location, recently opened by Henry! Henry, with help from Michael, had bought back the rights to Fazbear Entertainment and opened the new location. It was here that he would be “salvaged” by Michael, the manager of the Pizzeria. Even though he knew it was likely a trap, Afton could not resist the promise of more test subjects and possibly killing Henry at long last. He would meet his daughter, Elisabeth here in her new form of Scrap Baby. He would tell her how he died 30 years previous and convinced her if she helped him that he would make everything better. That he could fix everything. However, he did not anticipate Henry sealing all of them inside the building and burning it to the ground. This seemingly killed off Afton for good, however not all was what it seemed.

Fazbear Entertainment Inc. would cease to be a public entity and everything that remained would be sold off. Much of Afton’s suit would be taken by the same company behind Fazbear’s Fright, however his mask {and skull} would be bought by Jeremy. Jeremy, now under his Fritz Glade alias, had become an excellent computer programmer, and robotics engineer in his own right. Fritz created a program designed to “track investigations of DNA around the world,” in hopes of finding the whereabouts of his brother, Simon. This led him to the auction of Freddy Fazbear’s, where he purchased the remaining relics along with the head of Scraptrap, which he knew contained the remains of his brother. During his time in the US, Fritz also discovered the bunker underneath the house his brother had been livin” in prior to his death. In it, he discovered the remnant and agony experiments he was doing along with photos of him with two different groups of five dead children. This confirmed to Fritz that his brother was “The Purple Guy”.

Deciding that his brother suffered an unfair death, Fritz decided that he would hold a proper funeral for Simon and his family. He then went to work bringing his brother back to life. Fritz knew that he couldn’t bring his brother’s head back to life, so he decided to create a robotic replica of him; however, he did not fully remember his brother. Using a family album and some VHS tapes from the Afton house, he would base the design of this robot off of these precious things. This lead to the creation of Simon, who was a giant purple robot that contained details that were based on the Purple Man, such as being tall, thin, purple, and with glowing eyes. He was a skeleton because the human was dead.

Simon’s programming started with the same base AI as another creation; Strings, however, he had a special expansion called “Evolution.” This would allow Simon to have a mind that grew similar to a human’s brain, albeit significantly faster. It would also make Simon desire to do the “right” thing. After finishing Simon, Fritz grew terrified of his own creation and the potential it had to hurt him and others. However, he also saw Simon as his actual brother, so he did not want to just scrap him. Thus, as a way to protect himself and others, he chained Simon up to a wall before activating him inside of his own Restaurant he created based off Freddy’s, “Popgoes Pizza”.

Unlike most animatronics, Simon’s eyes were LED screens with no camera behind. Instead, using a connection to the WeaselWare to see the environment. He could normally change his eyes color to express emotions. However, Simon had learned to change his eye color to impress, intimidate, and manipulate Strings, and later Fritz, whom had lost his daughter years earlier. He told Fritz that he could save Bonnie, but he had to be connected to WeaselWare to do it. Fritz, desperate to save his daughter, connected him to WeaselWare. Simon then immediately printed off The Black Rabbit in the 3D Printer that was used to create the animatronic suits used at Popgoes for their characters. During the process, Simon killed Fritz Glade, destroyed Strings and left the Pizzeria.

He would look up articles of his namesake, using WeaselWare, however he along with the rights to the Popgoes brand would ultimately be “acquired ” by the resurrected Fazbear Entertainment. This new company, the one that had originally created Fazbear’s Fright took him and studied his programming as well as all the technology developed by Fritz. Using a variant of the “Evolution” program, they attempted to create a storytelling animatronic, that could be any character. This animatronic prototype would be called “The Mimic”. However, The Mimic provided too violent, and was sealed away along with Simon inside the building Henry Emily used to destroy the remaining haunted animatronics. The company then used a variation of this program years later to create a VR program to replicate the Animatronics digitally, using the circuit boards of the various animatronics.

However, the residual Remnant and Agony of the spirits that haunted the animatronics would also be transferred into the game. One spirit was so malevolent, so evil, so powerful, that it’s memories and remaining essence became a virus. Simon Fitzgerald, also known as William Afton was reborn, digitally cloned by the program. In a cruel twist of fate, Fritz had succeeded in resurrecting his brother. After taking control of two game testers, Afton, now “Glitchtrap” scoured the computer systems for whereabouts of his body as well as his brother.

Finding out his fate, the digital Afton flew into a rage, determined to bring his entire family back to life by any means necessary. Using his “reluctant follower” Vanessa to dig up his skull and then the rest of his body. While Fazbear Entertainment LLC. Opened new Freddy’s, Candy’s, El Chip’s and Popgoes restaurants, Afton used his digital influence to help Vanessa climb the corporate ladder. His already brilliant mind now enhanced with the Evolution Program, Afton could process information faster than ever before, create designs using a mere thought and using a VR helmet, control whomever he pleased.

Afton, forced Vanessa, under her new “Vanny” personality to kill people, then taking their remnant enhance his power so he could retake his physical form and download himself back into his body. He also had her collect The Black Rabbit and Strings whom had become possessed by Fritz and bring them to him. Fritz, seeing what his brother had become, was horrified. Never would he had ever thought that the man would be resurrected by his technology. Attempting to reason with Glitchtrap, Fritz pleaded with his brother to end his rampage and attempt to make peace with the spirits of his victims. Unfortunately, his pleas fell on death ears as Afton was determined to bring his family back.

Glitchtrap would eventually get Vanessa a job at Fazbear Entertainment’s biggest project yet: The Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex! A gigantic mall with multiple stores, restaurants and attractions with their newest, most advanced Animatronics designed by the digital Afton: The Glamrock Animatronics. Using it as the perfect hunting ground for gathering remnant from children and adults alike. Eventually, with Vanny's aid, Glitchtrap was successful in rebuilding his body stronger than before. However, one would be victim would turn the tables on Afton’s plan; a child named Gregory. After Glamrock Freddy crashed during a show and rebooting in safe mode, he and Gregory would fight through the night, free Vanessa from Afton’s control and destroy his body completely.

Merging canon with fanon: Simon Fitzgerald/William Afton. | Fandom (2024)
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