How to Pay Your St. David's HealthCare Bill Online (2024)

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As a patient of St. David’s HealthCare in Central Texas, you have convenient online options to view and pay your medical bills. With just a few clicks, you can access your St. David’s account, check your outstanding balance, and make secure electronic payments. Read on for a complete guide to paying your St. David’s bill online.

Overview of St. David’s HealthCare

St. David’s HealthCare is one of the largest health systems in Texas with hospitals and facilities located throughout the Austin area. They provide a full range of medical services including emergency care cancer treatment, heart care, surgery, rehabilitation, and more.

St David’s HealthCare includes these major hospitals and facilities

  • St. David’s Medical Center
  • St. David’s North Austin Medical Center
  • St. David’s South Austin Medical Center
  • St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center
  • St. David’s Georgetown Hospital
  • Heart Hospital of Austin
  • St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital
  • St. David’s Surgical Hospital

Benefits of Paying Your Bill Online

Paying your St. David’s bill through their online patient portal offers many benefits:

  • Convenience: Pay anytime 24/7 without visiting an office
  • Payment tracking: Get instant confirmation and view payment history
  • Paperless billing: Reduce clutter and go green by using online statements
  • Auto-pay: Set up recurring payments from a bank account or credit card
  • Mobile access: Pay bills on your smartphone or tablet
  • Reward points: Earn rewards with credit cards that offer points for online bill pay
  • Avoid late fees: Online payments post instantly to avoid late charges

How to Set Up an Online Account

Follow these instructions to establish an online account with St. David’s HealthCare:

  1. Go to St. David’s HealthCare website and click on “MyHealthONE Patient Portal”

  2. Select “Activate Your Account” if you don’t have an account yet

  3. Enter your name, date of birth, and activation code (provided by St. David’s)

  4. Create a unique username and password

  5. Agree to the terms of use and submit your registration

Once your account is activated, you’ll have full access to pay bills, view statements, set up recurring payments, and manage notifications.

Steps to Pay Your Bill Online

Follow these simple steps to pay your St. David’s HealthCare bill electronically:

  1. Log into your MyHealthONE account at

  2. Click on “View/Pay Bill” from the top menu bar

  3. Select the relevant hospital or facility where you received care

  4. Choose an outstanding account to make a payment towards

  5. Enter the payment amount and select a payment method:

    • Credit/debit card
    • Electronic bank draft (ACH)
  6. Enter card or bank account information

  7. Review payment details and submit your payment

  8. Your account will update instantly and you’ll receive a confirmation email

Recurring Auto-Payments

For hassle-free payments, you can opt for recurring auto-pay from your bank account or credit card within your St. David’s online account. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Log into your MyHealthONE account and access “Billing & Payment”

  2. Select “Recurring Payments” and click on “Enroll”

  3. Choose the account, date, and payment amount

  4. Enter bank or card details and submit

Your payments will automatically deduct each month for seamless bill payment.

Payment Methods and Convenience Fees

St. David’s offers several payment options:

  • Credit/debit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX. $4.95 convenience fee per transaction.

  • Electronic bank draft: Free direct debit from checking or savings account.

  • Phone: Call 1-800-782-5251. Convenience fee applies.

  • Mail: Send check or money order to centralized billing office. No fee.

  • In person: Pay with cash, check, or card at a hospital facility. No fee.

Getting Account Support

If you need any help with your online account, billing, or making payments, St. David’s has dedicated customer service options:

  • Call 1-800-782-5251 Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm
  • Email questions to [emailprotected]
  • Start a live chat at
  • Visit any St. David’s hospital location in person

Paying your St. David’s HealthCare bills through their user-friendly online portal is the most efficient way to maintain up-to-date accounts. Sign up for a MyHealthONE account to access convenient payment options from your computer or mobile device. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to start paying your St. David’s medical bills online today!

How to Pay Your St. David's HealthCare Bill Online (1)

View and pay your bill online, anytime, anywhere

Pay bills online easily, anytime, anywhere.

  • Find your bills from our practice and even from some hospitals
  • See personalized payment options
  • Make a single payment across multiple bills
  • Track your payments

or pay as guest

Bill pay made easy

Bill pay made easy!

Confused by your medical bills? We’re working to make it easier

Our goal is to get you healthy and make things easier along the way. We know understanding your medical bills and payment options can be confusing, so were taking steps to make it simpler.

Celebrating Hospital Week – 2024


How do I pay my 3 bill online?

We offer several easy ways for you to pay your bill. You can view details of your bill by logging on to your My3 account. You can view your previous payments by clicking ‘View History’ on the right hand side of the dashboard. You can go directly to the ‘Make A Payment’ page here: Pay My Bill.

How to pay a 3 bill over phone?

Pay over the phone Call 400 from your Three phone to reach the dedicated bill payment line.

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How to Pay Your St. David's HealthCare Bill Online (2024)
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