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Just as Mackinac Island was at one time the center of the world’s fur trade, it now attracts people from around the globe to taste world-famous Mackinac Island Fudge! Visitors get to enjoy delicious samples from the many fudge shops downtown and also see the fudge making process in action. That is truly a theatrical production! Downtown shops make 10,000 pounds of fudge each day in season. Come get some and become a Mackinac Island “fudgie!”



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Joann’s Fudge

Come to Joann’s for authentic Mackinac Island Fudge, made fresh daily with real cream, butter, and only the finest natural ingredients. Joann’s offers 25 fantastic flavors as well as an…


Kilwins Chocolate and Fudge Shop

Since 1947 Kilwins has been a celebrated part of Americana having earned a reputation for providing high quality chocolates, ice cream, and confections combined with excellent service. Kilwins is where people celebrate,…


May’s Fudge and Candy Shop

May's Fudge Shop has been family operated for four generations. We offer a variety of unique and traditional fudge flavors that include Love Potion, Birthday Cake, Cherry, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Nut,…


Murray Hotel Fudge Company

Open from May through October. Made fresh daily in the Murray fudge kitchen. Innovative new flavors each season to tantalize your taste buds. Try s’mores, blueberry cheesecake, vanilla chocolate chip,…


Original Murdick’s Fudge

The original on the Island since 1887, Murdick’s has been serving fresh homemade fudge, peanut brittle, chocolate nut clusters and bark from the very best ingredients. Bring the whole family…


Ryba’s Fudge Shops

On Michigan’s world-renowned Mackinac Island, the sweet aroma of fudge wafts out onto the street from four unique Ryba’s Fudge Shops. Passersby stop to watch as confectionary artists handcraft the…


Sanders Fudge and Candy Shop

Fred Sanders opened the first Sanders store in June of 1875 with a barrel of borrowed sugar, a leased shop, and a confectioner’s dream. Sander’s still follows the simple standards…


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Mackinac Island Fudge: Order Online for the Holidays


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The Bynoe Street Hockey Championship Game was a blast! 🥅❄️🏒🧊

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but spring is coming - and we are so here for it!! 🙌



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A special thanks to the "Huron," our winter service ferry, for transporting visitors, locals, and day tourists all winter long. You have our sincere gratitude. ⚓ 💦 ❄️ 🌡️ ...

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#throwbackthursday Go back to 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1982- to Mackinac Island - there are no cell phones to help solve a mystery - you need to really THINK! Can you solve these mysteries? Free in K U- eBooks on Amazon and paperbacks everywhere. LakeGirlPublishing.com

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One of many magic moments captured in the Secret Garden! 🌸 ...

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Such spectacular sunsets this March! 💕



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Best Place to Buy a Gift: Mission Point Marketplace 🛍️
Best Place to Buy Jewelry: The Boutique ✨
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Thank you for your continued support 💙

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Hiking up to this reward after a two hour ski. ☀️ That’s a good day! ...

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5 more days till Spring 🌺 ...

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Prepping Keepsake Coloring Books for Mackinac Island today 🎨😊🎨

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Experience our spacious suites with beautiful views of the Straits of Mackinac and our charming Main Street downtown. 🐴 ⛴️ 🌸



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20 years of not only love, but of being the absolute best example of true love & what being a partner should be like. Two people that were just totally meant to be. Two incredible humans finding each other even after being through some of the toughest battles. Two people so in love that nothing stops them from following their dreams & accomplishing their goals. I can’t thank these two enough for everything, truly. They have made me who I am today, have pushed & supported me to follow my dreams, & have showed me unconditional love every minute of everyday. My parents are my muse. They’re a real life fairytale, like the ones you see in the movies & I’m just lucky enough to get a front row show. I’ll never forget the first date with us kids 23 years ago. That day just might be one of my favorites. The day my mom fell in love with her forever person & the day I gained the most incredible man in my life that I’m blessed to call my dad. I can’t wait to have them back with me in a few weeks for the season & to capture their love story for another year on Mackinac. Join me in wishing these two love birds a very Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, I love you both forever & always.🖤
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What better place to enjoy your morning cup of tea than on the World`s Longest Front Porch? ☕️

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Spring into your new color palette.

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Bike 8.2 miles around Mackinac Island for stunning views of Lake Huron, the Mighty Mac, and beautiful wooded landscapes, making Mackinac Island biking one of the best! 🚲

Visit the link in bio for information on all guest amenities, including indoor bike parking! 🙂


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Golden hour.

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Life of a Michigander is pretty amazing ✋🌲❤❄🌊🏞

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Fudge Making on Mackinac Island MI - Do - Mackinac Island Tourism (2024)


Fudge Making on Mackinac Island MI - Do - Mackinac Island Tourism? ›

Ten thousand pounds! That's how much world-famous Mackinac Island fudge gets handcrafted daily during peak tourism season. Five tons of fudge every day!

How much fudge does Mackinac Island make? ›

Ten thousand pounds! That's how much world-famous Mackinac Island fudge gets handcrafted daily during peak tourism season. Five tons of fudge every day!

What is so special about Mackinac Island Fudge? ›

To obtain the world famous taste, the fudge is slowly cooked in traditional copper kettles over a gas flame. Once the desired temperature is reached, the mixture is poured onto marble slabs for a cooling period and then hand-paddled into loaves. Joann's Fudge does not contain any preservatives or powdered ingredients.

What is the oldest fudge company on Mackinac Island? ›

In 1887, Mackinac Island's first candy shop opened as Murdick's Candy Kitchen. Henry Murdick continued to make sails in the back of the building, while up front, Rome crafted fudge using his mother's recipe.

How long does Mackinac Island Fudge last? ›

Shelf life at room temperature – 12 weeks. Shelf Life refrigerated -24 weeks. In a freezer – indefinitely.

What is the average income on Mackinac Island? ›

In 2022, the median household income of the 344 households in Mackinac Island, MI grew to $79,500 from the previous year's value of $60,500.

Do any celebrities have houses on Mackinac Island? ›

Do any celebrities live on Mackinac Island? Yes, celebrities have houses on Mackinac Island. A few are actor Vince Vaughn, Director Ron Howard, and Michigan's own Bob Seger.

Why is fudge a tourist thing? ›

So maybe fudge—like Dippin' Dots or cotton candy—became a tourist dessert because it was a novel way of making sweets. Fudgeries provided both the entertainment of watching something new and unusual being made and the happy junk-food rush of eating a filling, sweet candy.

What famous movie was filmed on Mackinac Island? ›

Mackinac Island is a charming place steeped in history. Horse-drawn carriages and bicycles take the place of cars because motor vehicles have been banned for more than 100 years. It was the ideal setting for another movie starring Reeve, the time-traveling cult classic, “Somewhere in Time.”

Who owns most of Mackinac Island? ›

While all of Mackinac Island, the landform, is located within the corporate limits of the City of Mackinac Island, today 82 percent of the island's landmass is owned by the State of Michigan and managed by the Mackinac Island State Park Commission (MISPC).

Where is the best fudge in the world? ›

While fudge was not invented on Mackinac Island, it most certainly – and most deliciously – was perfected here.

Can you ship Mackinac Island fudge? ›

Can I send Ryba's Mackinac Island fudge as a gift? Absolutely! We can help you send corporate gifts to clients across the country or as a 'just because' to your aunt with the sweet tooth. Ryba's Mackinac Island Fudge makes the perfect gift for every occasion.

Why is Mackinac Island so famous? ›

Not only is the “charming island” a “throwback to old-timey seaside leisure” with a quaint downtown, the travel site says, but it's also “world-famous for its homemade fudge and travelers can work off sugar highs by exploring the limestone bluffs of Mackinac Island State Park.”

What are some fun facts about Mackinac Island Fudge? ›

Mackinac Island didn't invent fudge, but it did turn it into a delightful slice of Americana. The sugar candy treat was purportedly invented in the 1880s in Baltimore, Maryland. According to culinary legend, a hapless baker discovered the treat when they “fudged” a batch of caramel.

Why shouldn't you refrigerate fudge? ›

Fudge is best stored at room temperature for 2 to 3 weeks wrapped up in its original wax paper. NEVER REFRIGERATE your fudge as this will draw out the moisture and leave you with dry, crumbly fudge.

Can you freeze Mackinac fudge? ›

If you want to keep your Mackinac Island Fudge fresh to give to someone as a gift, and that friend will not be with you for a week or so, consider wrapping it tightly in Seran wrap and freezing it in zip lock freezer bags for the time being.

Where is the world's best fudge? ›

While fudge was not invented on Mackinac Island, it most certainly – and most deliciously – was perfected here.

How much do servers make on Mackinac Island? ›

As of May 16, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Server in Mackinac Island is $14.56 an hour.

How much is Mackinaw City fudge? ›

Our Price: $13.95

Each slice is approx.

Is fudge making profitable? ›

Witness a swift increase in sales, potentially exceeding $10,000 per month and well over $100k per year for each store you operate. Here at Calico Cottage, we've cooked up a business recipe that turns a simple fudge kettle and retail display case into a lucrative revenue source.

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