Five Nights Of Obsession: Five Nights Of Freddy Headcanons/Scenarios/Oneshot - Base Yandere William Afton Headcanons (FNAF Movie) (2024)


[Hello, My Sexy Muffins! I am back with another Father's Day Special, this one is William Afton from the fnaf movies, I know he has been a long-awaited one. I know. I hope that you all enjoy this chapter!]

(Disclaimer: William Afton From The FNAF Movie Verse, is NOT yandere in canon! This is just for fun and not to be taken seriously at all! It is fine to simp for fictional characters and yanderes! As long as you are not illegal or gross about it! Yanderes, Serial killers, and child murderers are NOT GOOD and They are not good partners to have or even want to have in real life. In fiction, it is fine to simp for the villain but don't idolize it In real life! Also, remember to separate fiction from reality and headcanon from canon. William Afton is a fictional character and not a real-life person.)

Bonus note, these base headcanons, might be updated in the future when more movies of the fnaf franchises come out.

-Base Yandere Headcanons William Afton From The FNAF Movie Verse-

.William Afton is a very smart man, we can not deny this.

.He was able to make animatronics like no other (maybe with the help of Henry if Henry is in this universe)

.He made a large empire that was in its glory days, a place of fun and imagination for grown-ups and kids alike.

.He loved the place he built and that he could continue murdering people with his animatronics.

.He did not know that he would meet you, a stunning person who wanted to be the new nightguard.

.Since this man is clearly some level of insane, he instantly falls into obsessive love for you.

.So of course he would hire you to be the night guard.

you are beyond breathtaking to him and he wants to keep you as his.

.He is the type of yandere who is beyond manipulative and controlling.

.He will manipulate you, and gaslight you into thinking that you are at fault and that you need him and only him.

.He is not going to let you slip from his fingers.

.He has the fake name of Steve and it has made him able to live a semi-normal life.

.Where he can kill people and live a safe life where people think that he is a boring and normal man.

.He is proud of his Freddy's and gets a whimsical look in his eyes when he says that the owner is sentimental.

.Freddy's was his pride and joy and he does not want to see it run down.

.He does have the slightest care for his daughter. He still stabbed her, but you could tell for a second that there was the slightest bit of regret.

.Though I believe that William Afton is a narcissist and sees Vanessa as someone he owns and does not care for how she feels.

.This side of him with his yandere side would want to own you and make sure that you do not step out of line.

.He would see you as someone who belongs to him and that you should not want anyone else or be upset with him when he tries to keep you to himself.

.Because things he owns do not have different wants and desires.

.He is a yandere who is a very, very good liar.

.He will be able to trick you with ease so that you may never realize what William Afton is doing to you.

.He does care about you, but for the most part, he puts his wants and desires ahead of yours and he is in the mindset that he will make you love him.

.He is yes a kind of selfish yandere, but he is sure that he can make you fall in love with him and that he can win you over as his and his alone.

.He deals with rivals by luring them to Freddy's where the kids get them ready for the poor rivals to be tortured and killed.

.He would make said torture, painful, long, and slow. Maybe even doing it for days.

.Soon no one would want to be around you and be untrusting of you, that is right he would also manipulate your friends so he would be the only one you could turn to.

.I am not going to lie I simp for William Afton but he is a super toxic yandere 1000%

.When he does confess to you it Is a 98% chance you will say yes, and accept his love.

.If you do accept his love then you will learn who he really is and be on the fast track to living with him and becoming his spouse.

.On the off chance that you say no. He will use his animatronic to hold you down as he goes on a rant that without him you are nothing and that you need him.

.Then you will be drugged and knocked out.

.Finding yourself in a room with cameras. Welcome to Five Nights at William Afton's Play Room.

[YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS another chapter is done! I hope you all enjoyed this. The next one after this is Henry Emily so good luck and stay sexy, all of my sexy muffins!]

Five Nights Of Obsession: Five Nights Of Freddy Headcanons/Scenarios/Oneshot - Base Yandere William Afton Headcanons (FNAF Movie) (2024)
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