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Find Dribbles the Clown is a side quest in Baldur's Gate 3 where you must find the severed pieces of a circus performer. Since there's no indication where any of his pieces are, this walkthrough will guide you to each one, including instructions on dealing with obstacles along the way.

How to Start Find Dribbles the Clown

To start this gruesome side quest, you’ll need to attend the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington. Before you approach the stage with Dribbles the Clown, it’s recommended you interact with the caged animals, breaking the lock for the displacer beast’s cage, and feeding the raptor. Once that’s done, head over to the northeast corner of the grounds, where Dribbles the Clown is putting on a show.


A fight will ensue, ending with the revelation that this Dribbles was an imposter - when it’s over, head to the northwest corner of the fairground to speak with Lucretious, the ringleader of the circus, who laments the disappearance of the real Dribbles, and would like you to find him, dead or alive. Accepting her request adds this quest to your journal.

Where is Dribbles the Clown?

For your first clue as to Dribbles’ location and fate, head south to Popper, the small kobold merchant. On the table behind him is a Clown’s Severed Hand, and upon closer examination there is a ring that appears to belong to Dribbles. This also updates your quest, so you’ll need to find all of Dribbles’ body parts and return them to Lucretious.

The next closest part is in the Open Hand Temple Crypt, which is adjacent to the Circus of the Last Days.

You can enter from the main street or from the rear entrance accessible from the northwest exit from the circus. Make your way to the kitchen on the north side of the temple, then use the hatch to descend into the crypt.

As you explore the crypt, you’ll eventually find a trio of enemies within. Defeat them and loot them to discover the Clown’s Severed Torso on one of them.

You won’t find any more pieces until you enter the Lower City, but once you do, head north along the west side of the Basilisk Gate Barracks until you come across a small home.


You’ll find the Clown’s Severed Pelvis on the decapitated body inside.

Next, head south until you reach Baldur’s Mouth, the office where the local newspaper is printed and distributed. Head to the west side of the building, then south, following a road that slopes downward.

The home indicated in the pictures is known as the Peartree home, so break the barricades, enter the hatch, and loot the Clown’s Severed Arm off of Courageous Little Kimmabeth’s body.

Now you need to head west, around the large building labeled Sorcerous Sundries until you pass through an arch built into a large wall.

After passing through the arch, follow the wall northwest until you reach the home directly southwest of the Lower City Inner Wall Teleport Sigil; it’s got a sign that labels it Lavernica’s home. Head inside and head down the hatch; you can ignore most of the corpses here, you need to head south to the bodies arranged around a sigil on the ground.

The important one here is Incontinentia Figgin, she’ll be carrying the Clown’s Severed Leg.

Exit the building and head south to the Rainforest home; it’s located just north of the Counting House.


Once again, head down the hatch, being careful of the various tripwires set up around the basem*nt.

The dead dragonborn named Winslow Reginol is carrying the Clown’s Severed Foot.

The final piece of Dribbles the Clown is the hardest part to find. You’ll need to have found the Undercity Ruins Teleport Sigil in the sewers. Just east of the sigil is a locked door and a circular pattern, where you’ll need to offer a blood tribute. This takes the form of a pair of corpses hanging from the ceiling above the circle. Attack them to make them bleed onto the circle and head through the now open door.

As you proceed deeper into the ruins, you’ll need to complete a challenge, killing the Farslayer of Bhaal while you’re attacked by enemies on all sides. Use your teleport, flying, misty step or other traversal abilities to rush the target; if he dies, everyone else vanishes and you complete the challenge.

Once you’ve made it through, head down the various staircases until you find a bunch of corpses with a series of blast mines hidden beneath them. Disarm them and loot Wilting Alex to obtain the Clown’s Severed Head.

Now that you have the final piece, head back to the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington and speak to Ringmaster Lucretious. For all your trouble, you’ll receive the Spellmight Gloves, which allow you to sacrifice accuracy for extra damage when spellcasting.

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Find Dribbles the Clown - Baldur's Gate III Guide - IGN (2024)
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