East suburban real estate transactions, week of June 23, 2024 (2024)



Edwin Leach sold property at 321 Dewey St. to Tyler Klein and Jane Alise Myhers for $440,000.

Estate of Francis Garcia sold property at 8007 Westmoreland Ave. to Jacob and Meghan Linsenbigler for $134,000.

Forest Hills

Forest Hills Borough sold property at 444 Ave. D to Oliver Tanz for $110,000.

Lynn Tobias sold property at 308 Avenue F to Zachary Clegg for $160,000.

Jane Marcelli sold property at 1987 Centurion Drive Unit 214 to Marsha Boyden for $120,000.


Michele Lindstrom sold property at 500 Beatty Road to 190 192 Stefanik Property LLC for $147,000.

Lois Cook sold property at 733 Cottonwood Drive to Fiji Holdings LLC for $110,000.

Belaouni Homes LLC sold property at 409 Fieldstone Drive to David and Kim Pryor for $299,900.

Fox Jr. Development Inc. sold property at 1670 Golden Mile Highway to 1670 Golden Mile LLC for $960,000.

Alyssa Bihary sold property at 146 Heather Drive to Pamela Scott for $163,000.


Diana Lynn Nassar Shaheen sold property at 248 Commons Drive to Miranda Nese for $222,202.

Estate of Josephine Catanzaro sold property at 709 Delaware Ave. to Deepa Dorairaj and SenthamaraiMoorthy Karuppuswamy for $237,000.

Penn Hills

Patricia Ann Ham sold property at 8002 Aber Road to Chasity Ham for $105,000.

Estate of John Stefan sold property at 11009 Azalea Drive to 102 Pitt Properties LLC for $30,000.

PNC Bank NA sold property at 162 Briarwood Drive to Yanbo Sun for $75,555.

Brye Holliday Rhodes sold property at Calvin St. to Habitat For Humanity Greater Pittsburgh for $3,000.

Park Place Securities Inc. Asset Backed P sold property at 128 Cypress Hill Drive to Central Penn Capital Management LLC for $116,100.

VB 6 LLC sold property at 337 Dorothy Drive to Jazzy Rentals LLC for $78,000.

Carole Gigliotti sold property at 9116 Frankstown Road to Gwen Schuchert and Jessica McCreary Partyka for $385,000.

Robert Smith sold property at 2843 Orlando Pl to Carrie Hadley and Aaron Jon Odata for $175,000.

Roy Marangoni sold property at 10 Rushmore Drive to Aspire Holdings LLC for $131,000.

Estate of Herman Hill sold property at 644 Southern Ave. to Windjammer Homes LLC for $76,000.

VB 6 LLC sold property at 1020 Universal Road to Sehaj Properties LLC for $73,000.

VB One LLC sold property at 109 University St. to Xiao Yi Zhou for $55,000.

VB 8 LLC sold property at 9258 Vantine St. to IRB Detroit LLC for $112,000.


Pitcairn Property Ventures LLC sold property at 510 Second St. to Lilac Invesments LLC for $2,400,000.

Karen Pedulla sold property at McGinnis Ave. to Nicholas Eremic for $30,000.


Daniel Lauletta sold property at 1100 Balkan Drive to Lindsey Murphy and Andrew Westwood for $410,000.

Joseph Morow sold property at 1950 Greensburg Road to Ugine Amuche and Josephine Toroh for $12,000.

Mary Ann Singleton trustee sold property at 149 Paree Drive to Lynn McGinnis for $215,750.

Michael Cuccaro sold property at 450 Shelbourne Drive to Bryn Elizabeth Albee for $397,500.


SS Allegheny LLC sold property at 7343 Denniston Ave. to Aissa Akou for $52,500.

Turtle Creek

Gloria Marshman sold property at 133 Eighth St. to Davia Fullard for $150,000.


Alaa Aqra sold property at Coal St. to Gulshana Nasir and Haniya Nasir Islam for $5,000.

RCM Renovations LLC sold property at 1406 Hill Ave. to Luis Josue Ulloa Bermudez and Elizabeth Welling Blake for $16,000.



Paige Thompson sold property at 1200 Eighth St. to Alfred and Jacqueline Ballenger Chaffee for $403,000.

Cheyanne Horne sold property at 814 Elm St. to Rebecca Brubaker and Eli James Shom*o for $235,000.

Linda Urbani sold property at 303 Oak St. to Mario Bortoluzzi for $169,150.

Linda Bonacci trustee sold property at 1820 Pennsylvania Ave. to Paula Jane Bonacci and James Paul Festa Jr. for $160,000.

Sangill Properties LLC sold property at 712 Pennsylvania Ave. to Red Meteor Studio LLC for $199,900.


US Bank Tr Co. NA trustee sold property at 20 Penn St. to Douglas Dillard for $95,175.

Nancy Wallis sold property at 200 Woodcrest Ct to Dennis and Jean Markewinski for $395,000.


Lillian Bollibon sold property at 4204 Colonial Drive to Cory and Alyssa Weinfurther for $324,900.

Estate of Elizabeth Ann O’Connor sold property at 2127 Elizabeth Ct to Rachael Altieri and Jace Dillman for $200,000.

Mildred Rendulic sold property at 4114 Kellington Ct to Stephen Hughes for $360,000.

Joanne Musto sold property at 3466 Lake Ridge Drive to Janet Durick trustee for $775,000.

Ming Xia Zhu sold property at 6409 Lindsey Ln to Meili and Aigeng Jiang for $288,000.

Katlyn Sasala sold property at 6459 Lindsey Ln to Salvatore Iovino III for $325,000.

Jeffrey Mahoney sold property at 3575 W Windover Ct to Lisa Rakaczky and Patrick Schulte for $320,000.

Barbara Seddon sold property at 2346 Wheatland Cir to Deborah Smerker for $295,000.

Vinod Kudagi sold property at 2414 Wheatland Cir to Laith Sahawneh for $459,000.

Shilling Real Estate LLC sold property at 5270 William Penn Highway to Fox Jr. Development Inc. for $700,000.

North Huntingdon

Donna Bickerstaff sold property at 324 Butterfield Drive to Painter Property Development LLC for $162,500.

Joanne Waight sold property at 12320 Church Drive to Premier Properties Of Western PA LLC for $190,000.

Estate of Elizabeth Petrarco sold property at 13951 Deveraux Drive to Madelyn Beasley and Reece Kapis for $221,000.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development sold property at 303 Henry Drive to Emily Penn and James Chernosky III for $160,000.

Laura Johnson sold property at 10039 Sherman Ave. to Dylan Williams for $285,000.

Estate of Sara Divens sold property at 1009 Tray Road to Tara McMillen and Dustin Cross for $145,000.

Nancy DiGuiseppe sold property at 13009 Veronica Ln to Robert and Janet Ries for $375,000.

Lorraine Sepp sold property at 489 Westminster Drive to Corey Barron for $370,000.

North Irwin

Acorn Gardens LLC sold property at 6 E Madison Ave. to Michael Rivera Hernandez for $112,000.

Penn Township

Melinda Martinelli sold property at 107 Berrybush Drive to Michael and Crystal Cigich for $551,528.

Robert Craft sold property at 113 Harvest Ln to Kevin Lamont Randall for $451,000.

Andrea Solomon sold property at 540 Meadowbrook Road to Thomas and Karen Backus for $31,900.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at Silver Creek Ct to NVR Inc. for $129,565.

Estate of Doris Jean Bigler sold property at 12 Sunbirch Drive to Linda and Christian Vaccaro for $240,000.

Susanne Vecchio sold property at 118 Whistle Drive to William Kanczes Jr. for $883,000.


Estate of Paul Graziano sold property at 244 Woodlawn Drive to Michael and Terri Whalen for $195,500.

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East suburban real estate transactions, week of June 23, 2024 (2024)
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